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Theologicum - 1er cycle


THEOLOGICUM First Cycle: The Fundamentals of Theology for Beginners

The First Cycle is designed for those who will exercise a ministry in the Church, or find themselves in positions of ecclesial responsibility. Courses provide students with a deeper understanding of Christianity, enabling them to be personally shaped by the faith.

Students are encouraged to cultivate their minds and strengthen their capabilities. Theologicum First Cycle instils decision-making and personal judgment skills in religious, moral and spiritual matters. It prepares students to become the qualified decision-makers of tomorrow, equipped to deepen their faith and bear witness in any situation in which they might find themselves.

The focus is on educating and enriching the whole person. This is achieved through interdisciplinary study (especially the interaction of the theological disciplines with philosophy and the human sciences), and by attending to the personal journey of the individual, in personalised tutorials granted to every student.


THEOLOGICUM - Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies
21 rue d'Assas, Paris 6th
+33 (0)1 44 39 52 51
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